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Welcome to the homepage of Zambeel Archiving System!


Zambeel allows you to archive anything, from anywhere, on the computer of your choice - your home PC, office server, laptop, etc. Even better, Zambeel allows you to search and retrieve those records anytime too. For everything above, all you need is access to e-mail!

Zambeel is available under GNU General Public License (GPL). This means that you are free to use, or change it as long as the license terms are followed.

What 'Zambeel' means??

In classical Urdu language literature, Zambeel is a basket in which anything may be put and take out; it never fills. The concept of Zambeel software is pretty much the same.


Zambeel is designed to address the growing needs of people who move around frequently, but need to keep their files (Internet, Audio, Video, Text, PDF, etc) in one place. Every once in a while, one comes across with some files that need to be stored for future reference. Zambeel allows those files to be sent to it (as an e-mail attachment) from anywhere in the world. Zambeel will then fetch the files you sent, and will store them in the place you have specified to Zambeel. The files will then become part of your personal archive, and may be searched and accessed later.

Zambeel currently provides a graphical user interface to interact with the archives.

How does the software work?

Zambeel is quite flexable. You can set it up to archive only certain files, with certain subject lines in the e-mail, with or without keywords, etc. Zambeel considers the subject line of an email as its Title. If Keywords option is turned on in the configuration, then the first line of the message body will be considered as a list of keywords for the attached file. A space in keywords separates one keyword from another.

This diagram demonstrates the functionality of Zambeel.

On Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP Platforms:

The files you download are self-installable. Once Zambeel is installed, it will create entries in Programs menu as well as a shortcut on your Desktop. Double-click any of those to start Zambeel. Configure it by going into Tools --> Configure... menu option. Using the same window, also configure things like:

  • Connection Interval (time between connection attempts to mail server to check e-mail)
  • POP Account (the mail server account to be used for this archival purpose)
  • Archive Location (where, on the local hard drive, you want Zambeel to archive files)